The most uncreative way to introduce myself: Hello

After years of hesitation, and mainly lack of motivation to actually set up a site, I have finally found the courage to enter the blogger scene. But how do you start a blog? It feels like these awkward rounds on the first day of class “Let’s all say our names and your favorite food”.

So I am I. Well no, not just like I myself, my first name starts with the letter I. And pizza. My favorite food is pizza. With fresh tomatoes and peppers preferably – just in case you were wondering.

Unfortunately, pizza seems about the most exciting thing in my life at the moment. I am going through doldrums. Complete doldrums. And while on one side I should be happy that things finally calmed down, and I survived all the storms, a little part inside of me is screaming for adventure.

So let’s see what spring 2014 will bring.