Exposure – Admitting my nerd status

It is official. I outed myself. I divulged. I emerged into the stage of public exposure.

How it all started? With a bag. A simple cotton bag. Having walked down Oxford Street without having bought anything but a BOOK, surely can accomplish to make a seventeen-year-old girl question herself about the fitting in in the present-day society. Luckily, I seem not to be alone in my misfit – that’s what friends are for. R. – my dear friend whom I just met relatively recently but have found a soul mate in – seems to have accepted the social status of a nerd and lives a pretty good life with it. Daring myself to ball up and finally shake off the chicken mentality followed her pointed finger right into the store ForbiddenPlanet. Now, I don’t know about your knowledge of this store but long story short – if you are nerd you know what I am talking about, otherwise, feel free to google it.

Not only did we enter the store, no, we also spent an amount of approximately one and a half hour inside of it, spending our money on cotton bags with a cat and the words “purr, purr, purr” (Big Bang Theory fans – you know what I am talking about), StarTrek notebooks and a new manga for the collection.

Having the courage to actually display my nerd status has changed my point of view on life. It is not about hiding the secrets, it’s about carrying them around your arm and hold them into everyone’s face. Bitch please, let me live my life.


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